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Cabinet Chaabane Comptabilité-3C Located in Bardo opposite the Assembly of People's Representatives.

Cabinet Chaabane Comptabilité 3C is a human-sized, multidisciplinary and independent accounting firm.

Our teams are specialized in accounting, studies, advice and support. The 3C firm is headed by Hamza Chaabane, a graduate in accounting from the Higher Institute of Accounting and Administration of the Mannouba Company (ISCAE).

Hamza has more than 10 years of experience in contact with private sector companies in accounting, research, consulting, support and development


Accounting information must have many qualities to meet legal obligations, including:
Comparability: accounting should allow the account reader to be able to compare financial information over time and space;
Reliability: the accounting information must be exhaustive and without errors of any kind;
Honesty: the reality and the importance of the events recorded during the exercise must be correctly reflected in the accounts.


Each project, each decision-making requires a preliminary study of the field, the market ... Our firm assists you in the competitive study of feasibility and profitability.
Once you have your idea for a project, you will need to make it happen.
Feasibility study
This concerns the technical feasibility of the project but also its financial viability.


Our firm provides management advice: general development plan, recovery plan for a company in difficulty, ... but also in legal matters and in company law.
In addition to the "classic" areas for which our firm is able to provide you with valuable advice, we can also assist you in various other areas such as.
Business strategy,
Staff and human resources management,
Consulting in production management,
Information system.

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